Stylish Dog Grooming: The Next Farrah Fawcett?

I have always considered my coat to be my shining glory.  Its color is very unusual; not quite snowy white but creamy, in a rich vanilla ice cream sort of way.  And, oh, is it ever full!  Some would call me ten pounds of dog with twenty pounds of hair!  Because of all this hair of mine, I have sported many different hairstyles throughout the years.  I was in my lion cut phase when I was younger.  What was I thinking?!  Looking back, that was not a very good look for me, but at the time, oh, how stylish and trendy I thought I was!  A lion cut is where the nice groomer trims your whole back end very short (yes, the whole back end!) and your front end is left wild and full.  If you still can’t picture it, imagine a mullet in your mind, then reverse it.  Anyone who has accidentally worn shorts in the winter knows what that feels like!  Quite chilly when the wind blows! 
And then there was my “short all over” phase which my mom liked a whole lot because then she didn’t need to brush me very often.  Oh, except for my tail; I always like to keep that full and fluffy like a paintbrush.  It’s how you could still tell that I’m a lady. (And don’t you forget it!)
And then we come to the present; a time when maturity tells me that I must not let fashion dictate my style, but should do what comes naturally and feels good.  Sometimes I just let it all hang out; wild and crazy, with my hair in my eyes, but who cares?!  I don’t really mind if a few hairs are askew and lately, I’m not sure, but I feel as if there is a whole lot more of them.  My coat all over is more lush than usual and my mom loves when she can sink her fingers deeply into it to pet me.  The hair on my head is just a whole other story.  Can you say troll on steroids?!  It’s creamy and fuzzy and shoots out in all directions.  Where did all of this new hair come from?  I’ve been eating the yummy new food in the pink bag every day.  Could that be the reason for my rich and luxurious coat? I guess we will keep watching to see! Stay tuned for next week’s conslusion of my 28-Day Eukanuba Challenge!