The Importance of Cat Grooming

Cat owners may have a tough time trying to comb through tangled, knotted or matted fur. Read on to discover how regular grooming can alleviate this issue and a host of other hairy problems.

Cough it Up!
When your cat starts making strange Gollum-like noises, you know it will be followed by a not so pretty hairball. (It generally happens right as your guests arrive for a dinner party.) Having your cat groomed regularly ensures the excess hair is removed. This prevents extra hair from being licked up by your feline leading to hairballs.

Shedding and Matting
If you have a long-haired cat, then your feline is at risk for developing matted fur because it can get tangled or knotted. Brushing a long-haired cat like a Persian is extremely important and is the way to prevent matted fur from forming over time. When dirt gets trapped in their hair it becomes even harder to remove or brush out. Cat skin is very delicate, so pulling or brushing it over and over again can be very painful and uncomfortable for your feline. For removing matted fur like this, you need the help of an experienced groomer. Our groomers at Morris Animal Inn have tools to gently remove this fur painlessly from your cat. In addition, having your cat brushed rids him or her of excess hair, which makes it less likely to end up on your couch.
Sometimes your cat gets so filthy, no amount of self grooming and licking will rid them of dirt or that special stench they may have acquired after rolling around in their litter. Bring your cat to Morris Animal Inn for a bath to get their fur feeling silky soft again. If your cat has fleas, our grooming salon is equipped with a flea bath that will rid your feline of those pesky insects.
Don’t Forget the Nail Trim
Cats’ nails can grow very long and a cat with long nails knows how to use them. Trimming your cat’s nails regularly is important and will prevent them from getting too long and sharp. Keep their nails short and you will be happier too!
Though cats naturally have good grooming habits, some messes are far too big for their little sandpaper tongues to clean up. For all your cat grooming needs Morris Animal Inn has got you covered!