Thanksgiving Foods – What’s safe for pets?

It’s Thanksgiving! We express our gratitude on this day as well as eat turkey, stuffing, veggies and desserts. For your pet, it means a house filled with delicious smells that may have them hoping for a taste. There is no harm in sharing parts of your holiday meal with your pet, but you need to choose “which” parts wisely. Certain foods on your Thanksgiving table could be extremely harmful to dogs. The ASPCA lists the foods that your pet can and can’t eat this holiday:

A nibble of the classic Thanksgiving bird is fine for pets, but make sure it is completely boneless and well cooked. Cooked bones have potential to splinter if ingested, and raw or under cooked turkey could contain salmonella bacteria. Also, to be extra safe, remove the skin. A well-seasoned turkey could contain essential oils from certain herbs and spices that could give your pet an upset stomach.

A lick of the cookie dough bowl or a sip of wine may be sweet indulgences for humans, but both can be dangerous for dogs and cats. Batter that contains raw eggs poses the same threat as under cooked turkey: salmonella. Raw dough also has the potential to rise in your pet’s stomach, leading to vomiting or other internal problems. Alcohol has a much stronger effect on our pets than it does on humans, so even a small amount can lead to serious symptoms.

Foods with minimal seasoning tend to be safer for pets to eat, so stick with potatoes and string beans over other rich, mixed options that may contain unsafe foods or seasonings. For example, some stuffing or cranberry sauces can contain raisins, mushrooms, onions or sage, which are dangerous for pets’ digestive systems Everything in moderation. It’s easy to overeat on Thanksgiving, but no one likes to feel like a stuffed turkey at the end of the night. The same goes for your pet. Don’t allow them to overindulge in these rich holiday foods, they could wind up with an upset stomach, gastrointestinal problems, or worse. Stick with small portions, and continue to feed them their regular diet. Pet treats are still treats. Just because there are festive foods available, doesn’t mean your pet won’t appreciate their everyday treats! Offer your pet a dog bone or a stuffed Kong (with maybe just a few steamed vegetables or spoons of mashed potatoes inside) to chew on during your meal. This will also help keep your pet calm and preoccupied during an otherwise busy evening.

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