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Witches & Cats…and Famous at That!

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Wings of bats and tails of rats, it’s the time of year to celebrate famous witches and magical cats! There are many felines and witches that come to mind as Halloween approaches and this is just a sampling of some well-known and intriguing kitty cats. CROOKSHANKS, MRS. NORRIS & PROFESSOR MC GONAGALL’S ANIMAGUS: In the incredible…

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Catnip or Not?

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People often joke about cats getting “high” on catnip, but some people  have noticed that their cats may just ignore the catnip toys they’ve carefully picked out for them and maybe get a little disappointed that now they can’t make a cute video to garner views on social media. The Science of Catnip While it…

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anti-social cat

My Cat Hides

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When a cat hides, they can have a reputation for being shy or anti-social. While that may be true for some of them, it just depends. The way cats are treated while very young has an impact. Most kittens spend approximately the first eight weeks after they are born with their mom and their family.…

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Cats mark their territory

Cats Mark Their Territory

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Do cats mark their territory? As much as cat owners love their cats, most are probably don’t like when their cats urinate outside of the litter box. It’s annoying, smelly, and not always easy to clean up. Our first—and possibly second and third—reaction is to be irritated and think the cat is behaving badly for some…

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How Many Whiskers Does Your Cat Have?

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Ah, whiskers. We’ve all been there, enjoying a nice sleep, dreaming or not, when it happens. You feel a little tickle on your face and you brush it away. It happens again, and you open one eye and then another, and see your cat staring you in the face. She’s just accomplished her mission of…

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