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My Dog is a Loner… Help!

By Morris Animal Inn / / Comments Off on My Dog is a Loner… Help!

  Sometimes, people are loners, and that’s ok. We don’t expect that we all have to always socialize and get along with everyone all the time. We shouldn’t expect it of our dogs, either. Even a dog can be a loner! You might have noticed that your dog doesn’t always seem to get along with…

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Select the Perfect Match for Your Pup

By Morris Animal Inn / / Comments Off on Select the Perfect Match for Your Pup

A regular gathering with canine buddies can help keep socialization skills polished, mentally and physically tire your dog and prevent your furniture from being destroyed. However, it is important to remember not all dogs enjoy playing with other dogs. By following a few guidelines and keeping a close eye on your dogs body language, you…

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Clearing Up Common Pet Myths

By Morris Animal Inn / /

Like the old adage of “Man’s Best Friend,” there are many phrases, expressions and myths that pet owners hear constantly. Statements like “Cats have nine lives” and “Dogs are colorblind” are heard so often they have become somewhat cliché in the pet world. Although we say and hear them all the time, is there any…

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Cats and Water — It’s Not Just for Drinking

By Morris Animal Inn / /

Jeanne, our contributing writer, shares her experiences with her feline friend and shows that there are some cat breeds that are known to enjoy a swim, cats that enjoy the thrill of water play, and cats that will tolerate a bath. Despite what you may initially believe, there are cats that actually do enjoy water and we’re…

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