Take Your Pooch for a Swim at a Dog Pool!

dog poolSome people refer to this time of year as the “dog days of summer,” invoking images of dogs lying around panting from the heat. When it’s hot and humid, going for a swim at the dog pool is the best way to cool off.

Most dogs love to swim (though not all do, and not all dogs are good swimmers) and this type of exercise is great for dogs. It gives them a low-impact aerobic exercise that is easy on their bones and joints, especially dogs with arthritis. It can also help dogs who are recovering from surgery. This time of year is great for humans to head to the local pool, lake, or beach. Unfortunately, sometimes those places have those pesky “no dogs allowed” signs posted.

What’s a dog to do?

Go to Morris Animal Inn, of course. We have a heated dog pool with nine jets and we provide life jackets for all swimmers. We have two types of sessions: our Splish Splash session, which can be scheduled as an activity while lodging, attending daycare or grooming (it includes a post-swim blow dry!) or our Poolside Daycare, for those dogs who just can’t get enough of the water and want to hang out there all day.

No humans allowed.

If you’re a pet parent in the Morristown or Montville, NJ area and would like to know more about Morris Animal Inn’s award-winning boardinggroomingtraining, and daycare services, give us a call.