Cat & Dog Boarding: Questions to Ask Before Leaving Your Pet Overnight

dog boarding cat boardingWe all hope our pets will be in good hands when we have to leave them – especially if you’re cat and dog boarding overnight. To be sure your pet is receiving the best care, it’s important to ask the right questions about any cat and dog boarding provider. Here are some suggestions:

1) Does your veterinarian recommend this pet care provider?
2) Do they require vaccines to protect all the pets in their care?
3) Is there a veterinarian on call at all times?
4) How many years have they been in the pet care business?
dog boarding and cat boarding5) Are the people you are leaving your pets with knowledgeable, experienced and trained animal professionals?
7) Each pet has different needs. Do you have the option to customize your pet’s stay?
8) Are you able to select private or group play depending on your dog’s preference?
9) Is the location specifically designed for your pet’s safety? Clean, safe and free of odor?
10) Did you check for well-maintained fencing and security?
We would ask similar questions for our children. Pet professionals expect and are prepared to answer these questions as well as provide facility tours. Look for a home away from home to leave your lovable furry family member.
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