Steps to Help Keep Your Dog Healthy

As dog owners, it is important to consider preventative ways to care for your beloved pet. There are parts of your dog’s body that you can regularly care for in order to keep your dog healthy. Simply focusing on these areas can save your dog from experiencing an abundance of more dangerous health issues.


Possible problems with your dog’s paws can include cuts, broken nails, dryness, blisters and poor circulation. Some of the ways you can keep your dog’s paws healthy are by massaging them, keeping their nails trimmed, cleaning between toes, and rubbing their paws with moisturizer. Morris Animal Inn offers paw soaks in our grooming salon and spa.


Your dog’s eyes, without the proper care, can get infected, pink eye, ulcers, irritation and cataracts or cloudiness. You can prevent these problems by having your groomer trim the hair by your dog’s eyes, adding green vegetables to their diet, and using tear-stain remover around the eyes. Bring your dog to Morris Animal Inn’s Grooming Salon & Spa for a facial scrub that can help clean the area.


Your dog can experience mouth problems like gingivitis, tooth decay, plaque buildup and bad breath. Keep your dog’s mouth healthy by examining their gums and teeth for redness or swelling, brushing their teeth, strengthening their teeth with chew toys and proper dental checkups. Schedule a teeth brushing for your dog at Morris Animal Inn’s Grooming Salon & Spa.



Dog’s joints can experience swelling, arthritis, stiffness and infection. Try keeping them active, managing their weight, using pet stairs and giving veterinarian-recommended dietary supplements could keep your dog’s joints healthy. Morris Animal Inn offers a variety of activity packages with both private and group daycare. Always consult your veterinarian when making changes in your dog’s activity level.


Ear swelling, infection, discharge, hair loss and crusty skin are all problems that dogs can experience without preventative care. Use cotton in your dog’s ears before bathing and be sure your groomer trims under their ear flaps to avoid such problems. Regular ear cleaning is always a part of your dog’s grooming at Morris Animal Inn’s Grooming Salon & Spa.
Follow these simple preventative care tips to help avoid any serious health issues. By paying attention to these specific parts on your dog’s body and seeing your veterinarian regularly, you can help ensure that your canine companion stays happy and healthy. Seeing your veterinarian regularly is important. For the full list of vitally important dog parts to keep healthy, click here.