St. Patrick’s Day Dinner

Every March 17th a great feast is held in honor of St. Patrick, also known as the Apostle Saint of Ireland. As we dawn our best green and prepare a great meal for friends and family, it might seem tempting to let your pet in on the celebrations as well. We’ve broken down St. Patrick’s Day dinner so you’ll know what your pup can chow down on!

  • Corned Beef: dogs can eat corned beef, so long as it isn’t seasoned and in moderation. Due to the high fat and sodium content of corned beef, dogs should only receive a small amount at a time.
  • Cabbage: like corned beef, dogs can have cabbage that hasn’t been seasoned.
  • Carrots: dogs are welcome to carrots that are not cooked or seasoned! Raw carrots make a great healthy snack for pups.
  • Potatoes: potatoes that are cooked and unseasoned are safe for dogs to eat. So if you’re making potatoes, set some aside for your furry friend before adding salt, milk or butter.
  • Irish Soda Bread: Irish soda bread is commonly made with raisins and currants, which are toxic for dogs. If you plan on giving your dog Irish soda bread, be sure to either make it without raisins, or break off a piece that doesn’t have any in it.
  • Alcohol: Dogs should never be given alcohol in any capacity! However, if you want to treat them to a festive beverage, you can find dog friendly “beer” online.

Want to try something new for your dog? Try this DIY dog treat for a special St. Patrick’s Day treat!

However you and your pet choose to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day dinner, stay safe and have fun! Sláinte!

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