Soothing Lovable Lexi: Week Four – Our Conclusions

Throughout the past four weeks, Lexi has continually worn the Sentry Calming Collar to see if there would be a decrease in her anxiety. Lexi’s family noticed that while she wore the collar, she experienced some amounts of time without anxiety. Along with the use of the Sentry Calming Collar, Joanne used a variety of training techniques to help with Lexi’s anxiety. Together these tools help give her something else to focus on.
We’ve concluded that the Sentry Calming Collar has the potential to decrease stress and anxiety in animals. It is difficult to measure a considerable decrease in anxiety and perhaps with a longer trial period, a more significant change can be identified. Also, more positive changes may be seen when the Sentry Calming Collar is used in conjunction with distractive toys and training. Joanne feels Lexi’s continued training along with her family’s love and support will lead to greater successes in this lovable lab’s future.