Soothing Lovable Lexi: Week 3 – A Holiday Hobby

Lexi resting during group play.

Lexi’s second week wearing the Sentry Calming Collar has proven to be an interesting one! She is receiving many compliments on how she and her stylish new collar smell terrific! She’s even been showing off her collar during group play at Morris Animal Inn. Lexi seems to enjoy wearing the Sentry Calming Collar and has made no effort to take it off. 

This lovely Lab has shown some progress this week with her anxiety. Joanne was able to leave Lexi at the house this past weekend while she did some Christmas shopping. When she arrived home three hours later, she found no damage from scratching, digging or urinating. This is a great step for Lexi because in the past, she usually does some type of destruction when she is left alone.

Lexi has a new hobby – redecorating the house. The items she moves range from small portable lamps to empty shopping bags but the destination never changes; they end up on Joanne’s bed. Maybe she is so excited for the holiday season that she’s presenting her gifts early! Her favorite items to ‘gift’ are her toys: a rubber ducky, Kong and rope toy… OR… Perhaps she’s hoping for some extra playtime by making her toys easily accessible! 

Stay tuned next week for our conclusions on Lexi and the Sentry Calming Collar!
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