Soothing Lovable Lexi: Week 2 of the Sentry Calming Collar Trial

It’s time for a follow up with Joanne Morris to see how Lexi is doing with her new Sentry Calming Collar. Let’s see how it is going so far…

We still don’t know what has caused Lexi to have separation anxiety. Maybe it was being lost and abandoned at a shelter or it could have been the long trip from Kentucky to Pennsylvania and then finally settling in NJ. Regardless, she has turned out to be a wonderful pet, and we are fortunate she can go to doggy daycare each day so she doesn’t have to be left home alone. When our family is home and Lexi is not at daycare, we do our best to make arrangements for one of us to stay home with her or she comes along for a ride with us in the car.

Lexi seems more comfortable when she is in the car. This might be because she can easily watch for us through the windows. We are committed to her health and happiness and this is why we are happy to try the Sentry Calming Collar to see if we can help Lexi relax when things get tense.

It has only been a week and the instructions did indicate it could take some time before we see any difference. That seems to be the case with us so far, although we have left her for short periods of time with the new Sentry Calming Collar with little evidence of destruction. We give Lexi a puzzle treat to keep her occupied for those times when she is left alone for a little while. When we do arrive home she has eaten through it, seems very wound up, panting and stressed (this is not her normal behavior when we are home). In the past, she has scratched and dug at the door which doesn’t seem to be the case this week. She did manage to find goodies on the counter to enjoy and ripped several papers but that is minimal compared to some of her past escapades.

As previously stated, the collar is a pretty color, matching her holiday themed collar and it has a pleasant somewhat fruity smell to it. We are committed to keep trying and looking forward to progress next week. 

Stay tuned for updates on how Lexi is doing!