Social Kitty

June is Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat month, so if you have always wanted a spunky whiskered creature in your life, now is the perfect time to grant that wish! Cats are filling up shelters, but they all want their forever homes. If you already have a cat, are worried about socializing an older cat, or incorporating a new kitty into your life in general, read on for some tips to help seamlessly socialize your feline

 Importance of Touch

All living things must be touched in order to feel loved, and in turn happy. This includes your iridescent eyed cat. However, it is important to remember that some cats love to be touched while others like it in small doses. Do not force it. Spend a little time each day, stroking and petting your cat in his or her favorite spots. Give kitty a little treat or some tuna after each petting session to reinforce it as a positive experience. If your cat lashes out, reprimand him or her by saying firmly, “No!”


Playtime and Activity
Cats are young at heart and love to engage in short bursts of activity. Nurture the spirited frisky side of your cat with a scheduled playtime several times a day, which can help strengthen your bond with your cat. If your cat is staying at Morris Animal Inn, we have numerous activities to choose from that will engage your cat. Our Pampered Pet Sessions provide your cat with the hands-on attention he or she receives at home with time for petting, lap time on a rocking chair, and opportunities to view our fish tank. Teaser Play Sessions are less hands on and are fun for any cat. Teaser sessions include teasing with a peacock feather, a mouse, laser light, and a variety of other toys. The Kitty Play Room is ideal for cats desiring more freedom. Allow your cat the chance to explore the fun of our play room that includes climbing and scratching posts, skylights with outside views, toys, catnip, and comfortable furniture.

Strangers=No Danger

Exposing your cat to visitors can be highly beneficial as it forces your feline to adjust to the concept of strange people moving in and around your house, i.e your cat’s space. However, do not force people upon your cat. If Fluffy runs and hides that’s ok. When your cat grows comfortable with the situation, he or she will eventually emerge to further investigate, which should be encouraged. Urge visitors to speak in low, soft voices and allow your cat to approach them first. Even a visit and overnight stay at Morris Animal Inn can aid in this process as your cat must adapt to new sights, smells, and people. Our staff members are trained to interact with cats and know how to make them comfortable in their new environs.

Though cats can be inherently anti-social, you can help shape your cat’s personality by the way you raise your special kitty!