Shed that Winter Coat!

Now that spring has officially sprung, (though it might not seem like it!) it’s time to invest in some spring cleaning…for your pet that is! With spring, we get the good and the bad: more sunlight and blossoms come with allergy attacks, muddy shoes, and if you are the owner of a fuzzy friend, more hair everywhere, because your dog will shed their winter coat.

The Shedding Situation

For many people who own dogs that have a double coat (which includes a top coat and an undercoat) like Newfoundlands, Samoyeds, and Shelties or have long haired cats like Himalayans and Persians, excess hair floating around your house is as natural as dust mites. While this is not harmful, hair trapped in the coat is unsightly and uncomfortable for your pet. For cats, it can also cause an increase in hairballs.

For some dog owners, shedding appears to be a year-round occurrence. In fact, it probably is, according to Since most of our pets spend their time indoors in heated houses during the winter and then go outside into the cold for walks, it fools your dog’s body into thinking the seasons are changing.

Dogs without two coats, like Poodles, Bichon Frises, and Tibetan Terriers, must still take extra care to brush their dog’s coats regularly. Since these breeds don’t lose hair as naturally, their hair tends to get matted if not brushed properly and frequently.
How to Cope with Shedding
As your dog’s winter hair shakes loose to make room for a new spring coat it is important to brush, brush, brush! The appropriate shedding tools will help remove loose hair from the undercoat and a slicker brush will knock hair from the top coat. Catching the fuzz between the bristles of a brush will prevent them from finding their way to your floor, your furniture or your clothing.

If you have trouble keeping up the rigorous brushing routine on top of all your other spring cleaning, simply bring your dog and all that fuzz to Morris Animal Inn. Our groomers will happily take on the challenge! Our effective shedding tools combined with regular grooming appointments will do wonders to help our fuzz-emitting friends, both canine and feline. If you feel your pet needs extra help in this area, we offer the Shed-Less procedure, performed right in our state-of-the art spa. This process is a multi-step procedure that utilizes a shampoo and conditioner, a pre and post bath blowout, special shedding tools, and a finishing spray, all of which are designed to eliminate excess hair but without hindering the natural shedding process.  The process is best if scheduled once every six weeks.

Honor your pets and your home this spring by keeping their shedding to a minimum…your couch will thank you!
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