Should Your Dog Sleep In Bed With You?

dog sleepPets are part of the family. But should all family members share the same bed? The AKC found that 21% of dog owners let their dog sleep with them; as a result, they have less room in bed for themselves because the dog takes up space.

Cuddling your dog as you fall asleep is great, but you might not be getting as much rest as you need. Don’t let your dog sleep in your bed if they might have fleas, or could be injured getting on or off.

Training your dog to stay off your bed will take some time, patience, and plenty of treats. Lure your dog to their own bed by giving it a name (‘bed’ works!) and reward them when they lie down. Make sure that their bed is special, comfortable, and warm. Give them a toy for company — the next best thing to snuggling with you. You can get detailed training instructions from the AKC. Their tips are helpful for keeping your dog off of other furniture, as well.

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