Royal RUFF-ians!

Now that the royal wedding is officially over, along with the pageantry and fan fare, we can all take off our fancy hats and wrap up the Union Jack cupcakes. But wait! It doesn’t have to stop there! Have you forgotten the most royal member of your family?! For pet owners, it goes without saying that our tail wagging friends are always princes and princesses in our eyes, maybe not of England but certainly of the house! Let’s keep the celebration alive and reward them as such. Though Morris Animal Inn is miles from the U.K, we make it simple to pamper your cats and dogs as though they were the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge any day of the week.

Spa Day

Luxury and fun go hand in hand. Drop your prince or princess off at Morris Animal Inn for a day of activity, play, and pampering. Your dog will receive one on one time with their own Activities Counselor and can go for a jaunty stroll on our nature trail or play and cuddle in our indoor play suites. There’s even time for rest and relaxation in their own private suite where they will be provided with a tasty treat at snack time.

Aqua Massage

From all that playing at Morris Animal Inn, your royal highness could sure use a massage to soothe those weary muscles! Acquaint your dog with the world of water for the ultimate spa experience with our Aqua Massage. Your pooch will be suspended in warm water with eight adjustable jets designed to loosen tight joints. How pawsitively relaxing!

The Princess and the Pea
No need to double up on mattresses at Morris Animal Inn. Our Premium Beds are thick and specifically designed to provide maximum comfort and support. Even princesses wouldn’t feel a pea when lounging on this upgrade option.

Fairytale Storytime

Ensure your special ones go to bed with visions of fairy tales dancing in their heads by asking for our Tuck-In Service. A minty dental treat will accompany your pup’s bedtime story as they slumber in dreamland.

Kitty Carriage Rides!

We know your cat loves basking in sunlight streaming through the windows so why don’t you allow Fluffy the unique experience of exploring our sunny nature trail from the coolest ride around, the Kitty SUV! An Activities Counselor will push your feline friend around our fenced in yards in the Kitty SUV which is safe and completely enclosed with large viewing windows fit for the royal promenade of a king or a queen!

How do you pamper your cat or dog?