Week 2 and Tori’s love of food and desire for her Eukanuba meals is particularly strong!

Being in the pet care industry for so many years, I have learned the importance of routine and that “being regular” is a good sign of health.  With a change in food, it is not uncommon for a dog to experience some issues.  I am happy to report that even after changing foods, Tori is still on a “regular schedule.” Her silky coat has been maintained, her appetite as big and enthusiastic as ever!
Routine is the name of the game.  Every morning, Tori waits for the light to go on  and the leash to click.  6:30am sharp we head out for our daily walk whether it’s raining, snowing or the sun is shining (although it is pretty dark at 6:30am this time of the year).
We have a regular route and make stops at our favorite spots along the way.  There is one particular area where Tori loves to frolic. It is in a small patch of vines and pachysandra that I am sure other critters have visited, making the area quit enticing.
Once the walk and her “business” is taken care of, we head inside.  Tori performs her spirited dance, filled with not-so graceful spins and barks until her Eukanuba food drops in the bowl.  It takes her a very short time to eat every morsel. There are occasional snorting sounds and this morning I truly believe she licked the bowl!
Once she gobbles all her food up, it’s time to take a little break!  Tori heads right to the bedroom, jumps on the bed and cuddles up with the kids until the alarm goes off for school.
What a life….