Puppy Daycare: They Grow Up So Fast, Don’t They?

puppy daycarePuppies are insanely cute, but as puppy daycare providers know, they also need constant attention and care right from the start. Puppies spend about 90% of their time sleeping, but they get a little more independent as puppy hood goes on. Playing with toys, chewing anything and everything with their new teeth, and, most importantly, socializing with other dogs are just some puppy steps to look forward to. But one thing you may not know is that puppies have a short window to develop their socialization skills. This is why you should consider enrolling them in puppy daycare. It doesn’t just free you up for a few hours—puppy daycare helps your pet learn to interact productively with other dogs, making him/her feel happier and more secure.

By the age of just one year old, puppies are considered to be adult dogs. The commonly accepted “dog year” math says a one-year-old puppy is seven in human years, but that’s not the case. Puppy daycare providers know that in terms of their development, a one-year-old puppy is closer to fifteen in human years. That’s right: Your puppy went from newborn to teenager in one year!

That’s not the only surprising fact about puppies you may not have known. You can read 101 of them here, but here are a few that stood out for us:

  • Puppies can learn more than 1000 words.
  • Puppies can smile.
  • They can be cranky, and need plenty of nap time.
  • No two puppies have the same nose print.
  • They sweat through the pads on their feet.

Having a puppy is fun; they’re cute and lovable and can bring a lot of joy to your house. But they’re also a big responsibility and puppy daycare can help. It’s important to tailor your pet parenting to your puppy’s developmental stages, just as you would with human children. At least the teen puppy won’t ask for the keys to the car!  

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