Pup Rally Brings Pets Back to School

It’s Back to School time at Morris Animal Inn, and we’re making “classes” fun for our furry students! Participants in this week’s Pup Rally daycare party joined our Class of 2013 for a festive day of games, playtimes and study breaks.

Classmates became acquainted during gym class, where they swam in our indoor pool and ran laps outside. They cheered on football players and band members alike during recess, and took a break for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch. After snoozing during study hall, each dog was sent home with a box of animal cracker cookies and their very own Class of 2013 Morris Animal Inn yearbook.

Cheering on our pups was the Morris Animal Inn staff, who wore varsity letters for the occasion! As a few pets put on cheerleader and football outfits, we egged on the fun with our Pup Rally Cheer: “While band members march to the beat of the woofs, it’s time to have some fun, put away your books!”

We awarded each dog with a superlative based on their personality. From “Nicest Eyes” and “Best Ears” to “Most School Spirit” and “Most Likely to Become President,” our 2013 students were just as diverse and unforgettable as any high school senior class.

For more daycare festivities, stay tuned for more information about our Halloween Party, “Muttster Mash!” On October 30th, we invite pups to come in costume for a day of spooktacular fall fun. Call us at 973-539-0377 for more information!