Pets and Snow

Ever wonder why your pets love the snow so much? There may be no definitive answer, but many experts believe that because pets have different sensory intakes than humans do, the snow is invigorating and exciting, especially for predatory animals like dogs and cats who enjoy a variety of environments.

It’s similar to why some of us like frolicking in warm and shallow waves at the beach. Doesn’t that sound fantastic right now? The sensation of the water feels good as the sand squishes between our toes. It is the same with the cold, white, fluffy flakes for your pets. A pet’s body temperature regulates differently than ours, so it isn’t as cold to your dog and cat as it is to your bare skin!

At this point, we can only laugh about the seemingly never-ending winter wonderland as we wait for spring. In the meantime, we can build snow people, animals, and structures.

Here are 10 pets who wish these snow creations would melt already.

1. The dog who is not so amused by his hat

2. The cat as the hat who is over this snow

3. The dog who is trying to tell the snowman to go away, while also snacking on his nose

4. The cat who is mid-tackle

5. The puppy who wishes this snow person would stop following him

6. The dog who doesn’t see the resemblance.

7. The dog who wants her scarf back.

8. The cat who wishes the snow person outside would stop staring.

9.The dog who also doesn’t see the resemblance.

10. Finally, the dog who tells it like it is.

So laugh, stay warm and take advantage of the last real days of winter before we all start complaining that it is too hot! We will soon see the grass again, although looking out the window right now we can’t promise anything!