Petnology: 5 Great Apps for Pet Owners with Smartphones

Chances are, Fido is not clamoring for the newest iPhone nor is Fluffy obsessed with playing Angry Birds all day.  You,  on the other hand, might want to tap over to the App Store as fast as your fingers can type, if you happen to be the lucky owner of a sleek Smartphone and a fluffy pet. You name it, there is an app for it. Unfortunately, many are frivolous and downright questionable. One app claims to be able to decode your dog’s bark and tell you what Fido is thinking. That would indeed be amazing, if it were true! The following is a list of the best and most useful applications (with mention of their shortcomings) for pet owners with Smartphones.


Does your dog need a personal assistant? With all the pet play dates, Morris Animal Inn Doggie Daycare Parties, and vet appointments to attend, it’s enough to make any pooch’s tail spin. With the free PetMinder app for your iPhone you can keep track of all of your pets’ appointments and obligations by entering them into a calendar. An e-mail will be sent you provided as a reminder. Now you no longer need to remember when it is time to update your dog or cat’s vaccinations, simply schedule a reminder and PetMinder will make sure you are on top of it.
All Pets Radio Player
For anyone that can’t get enough information about pets, the All Pets Radio Play is an internet radio station for your iPhone that constantly streams juicy tidbits, facts, and stories about all things pet related. Tune in to this internet radio station at anytime of day to feed that insatiable appetite associated with all things furry, whiskered, and wet-nosed.
Use your iPhone or BlackBerry to locate your dog or cat if they are lost. You will need to buy the Spotlight GPS Pet Locator  (a collar with a tracker attached to it that uses GPS tracking information). Your dog’s location is updated every five minutes; however, it is important to note that a running dog or cat can cover a lot of ground in that amount of time. A good thing about the app is if you encounter any technical difficulties or other issues finding your pet, you can call AKC Car Recovery Specialists free of charge at any time of day to help you track down your pet. The team of specialists can provide you with turn by turn directions. If someone finds your pet, there is a Rescue button on the collar that they can press which will send you an emergency message alerting you that your pet has been found and where your pet is located. Critics of the app claim it is over-priced and won’t help if you lose your pet in an area with no clear location indicators, such as the woods.
Pet Acoustics
If your dog has a tendency to get the jitters when riding in the car, at the vet, or during a booming thunderstorm, try playing soothing music for your pet. With the Pet Acoustic app, it can be played on your iPhone or iPod Touch. It is an easy solution for anxiety ridden animals. Specifically designed with the hearing sensitivities of dogs, cats, and horses in mind, the tranquil music should leave you and your pet relaxed, calm, and ready to handle any situation.
Photo Courtesy of Tobyotter
Vet DVM application for your iPhone allows you to ask a vet any question no matter the time. You send an audio, video, or text question which acts as a virtual office visit to any of their on-call vets. Unfortunately, there is no telling whether the response will arrive in minutes or 24 hours. The response time is based on the difficulty of the question, how many vets are currently volunteering to respond, and how many questions are coming in at the same time.
What are your favorite Smartphone pet applications?