October is National Pet Wellness Month

October may be filled with fall festivities and Halloween costumes, but this month also celebrates pets with more than just the image of a dog howling at the moon. As National Pet Wellness Month, October is a time for reevaluating your pet’s health and preventing disease. The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) offers tips for considering your pet’s wellness this month in order to keep them healthy all year round.
Make sure your home is safe for your pet. Pet-proofing your home is important whether you have a new pet or have had pets for years. There are many everyday objects (medicines, pesticides and some household plants) that can prove poisonous to our pets. Go through your home to be sure that all potentially harmful objects are out of your pet’s reach.
Schedule a veterinary check-up. Just like with humans, it’s important that you pet visit the vet more than just when they are ill or injured. Having a regular physical can help ward of diseases by getting routine vaccinations and allowing your vet to look for any signs of potential health problems.
Consider your pet’s diet and exercise routine. Dog and cat obesity can lead to extensive health problems as your pet ages. Speak with your vet about what specific foods and physical activities are best for your pet to help extend and increase the quality of their life.
We are excited to encourage pet wellness this month at Morris Animal Inn, where the wellness of our pets is a priority every month! You can take steps towards giving your pet a long and healthy life by taking these safety precautions and bringing your pet to Morris Animal Inn for daily activities and healthy treats. Our Canine Fitness Program, which was recently featured in The New York Times, offers healthy snack options like yogurt and vegetable parfaits and high levels of physical activity like dog treadmills, swimming sessions and stair climbs. Call us at 973-539-0377 to join us in recognizing National Pet Wellness Month today!