New Year, New You…For your Pet Too!

The countdown to the new year has begun, and its the perfect time to get motivated for 2016! This year, try including your pet in your New Year’s Resolutions. Get inspired to try new things and accomplish your goals with your best friend by your side!


Get Healthy

This is a resolution we’ve heard time and time again. If you’ve been unsuccessful in making healthy changes in years past, consider having your dog join in on your journey to get healthy in 2016. As your dog improves their overall health, you’ll feel motivated to meet your own goals. A perfect way to get your pup started is by signing them up for our Canine Cleanse in January 2016. The event includes canine cardio sessions, doggie detox drinks, and daily spa treatments!



Try Something New

The new year is also a great chance to try something brand new. For you, it could be learning to kayak, playing softball with friends or taking an art class. For your pet, Morris Animal Inn has tons of new activities for them to try out in 2016. Test out the waters with a Splish Splash Session in our indoor pool or become an artist with our Pi-Cat-So iPad game!



Get a New Look

Encourage yourself to take risks in the new year. Get an edgy hair cut or freshen up your wardrobe. Include your pet in this transformation at Morris Animal Inn’s grooming salon. Try out a new hair style or simply treat them to a blueberry facial!



Learn a New Skill

Whether its learning a language or taking up photography, challenge yourself to learn a new skill in 2016. Your pup can sharpen their skills right along with you by focusing on basic obedience training with the trainers at Morris Animal Inn.



Visit the Doctor

Your overall health, as well as your pet’s, is definitely a resolution that should be on your list. The start of a new year is a perfect reminder to contact your local veterinarian and schedule an annual check up.




We wish you a year of happiness, health and fun for both you and your beloved pets!