Meadow, pictured with her owner, the General Manager, Patti Kreitler, begins the Eukanuba 28-Day Challenge. Meadow would like to see what all the hype is about!

It’s 6am and another day is dawning here in “Meadow Land.”  As I gently lift my head from my snuggly slumber in my little dog bed, I hear the Dad going out the door, so it must be time for me to wake somebody. Who will it be today?  The Dad is already on his way to work, the big tall boy could sleep through a nuclear attack, the Mom is a little bit on the slow side, so I think I’ll wake the girl since she usually gets up quickly without too much grumbling.  Up I spring (well, my springing up days may be over, but I’ve still got some gusto!) and dash into her room.  “Arf,” I deliver right in her face.  “Arf!” again.  “Arf!” again.  I NEED FOOD, PEOPLE!  Is there a stir?  Is one eye starting to open?  Yes…here comes one eye, then another.  She gazes at the clock and then back again at me.  And then the pause…will she get up, or will she drift back to sleep?  I stare harder, knowing it just has to help.  I see her take a deep breath, and then no movement.  I must intervene.  Now with all my might, I lift my body up to her bed and give one more “Arf!” so close to her face that she could never resist my request.  AND SHE’S UP!  The day has begun!  Life is good!

Before going any further, let me tell you a little bit about Meadow Kreitler, Princess of Morristown, New Jersey.  My earliest recollection is being in this thing called an animal shelter.  I was confused about why I was there and when I’m concerned or nervous, I have a tendency to spin.  Now this is not subtle spinning.  When stressed, I turn into a virtual whirling dervish!  The nice shelter people recognized this interesting trait of mine and secretly named me Dizzy, but openly referred to me as Daisy which they felt sounded nicer.  They labeled me a Pomeranian, but anyone who looks at me can easily tell that I’m really a Volpino Italiano, a breed from the same family as the Pomeranian, but a much more prestigious pedigree!  When my mom laid eyes on me, it was love at first sight…for me and for her.  She took me home, renamed me Meadow after a character she watched on the Sopranos and I joined their family.  I watched as the boy and the girl turned from children into grownups and joined them in all of life’s milestones.

Oh, and by the way, did I mention that I like to eat?  No, actually, I love to eat!  I live to eat!  I think food time might just be my favorite part of the day.  So after my quick trip to the backyard where I nicely take care of business, I slide across the kitchen floor to my usual spot.  But what do I see?  A bag I’ve never seen before, what can it be?  I’m nervous.  I feel a spin coming on…I’m not sure what’s happening …. spinning has begun!  The girl scoops deep into the pretty bag with the long name on it and I hear the food drop into my dish.  It sounds good, it smells good, I sure hope it tastes good, too!  I’m not sure about this….change is not my favorite thing…oh well, here goes….
HOORAY!  I like it!  It’s good!  No, not just good, it’s absolutely yummy-licious!  A veritable party in my mouth!  I know it’s going to be a GREAT day!