Another week has passed and not much seems to have changed for the people in my world; they keep getting up, feeding me, going out the door and then coming back home again.  But this new breakfast they’re serving me is quite delectable.  Each morning as they scoop the tasty morsels into my bowl, the intoxicating aroma wafts past my nose and I’m overcome with the urge to speak.  I must tell them to hurry, so I bark.  I bark incessantly, knowing that it will make them move faster.  They oblige me because, of course, I rule the household and they must obey my every command.  I dive into my bowl with the speed of a race horse, tempted to swallow it all in an instant, but wanting to savor every bite.  Mmmmmmmmm!  A yummy way to start my day.
I don’t know what my people do with their days, but mine are very productive.  After my morning meal, I usually saunter over to the deck door where I can sit and watch the birds and squirrels go merrily about their day.  Sometimes I can find just the right spot on the floor where the sun is shining and that’s where I’ll settle in.  After an exhilarating morning watching the wonders of nature, it’s time for a nap.  After all, a girl needs her beauty rest!  Usually I sneak into the girl’s room and get myself up into her bed where I bury myself deep into her downy covers and stay there until the family comes back home.
And then all of a sudden last night I felt the urge to do “Crazy Dog.”  Are you familiar with the game of Crazy Dog?  It’s the one where you gather up all the energy you can, take a deep breath and run in circles throughout the house.  I was impressive this time; reminiscent of Secretariat leading the pack in the Kentucky Derby!  I made about five circles on my chosen path…and then reversed it, all the while making a low growly sound that I think my people really like because they laugh at me when I do it.  Hey, it’s been a long time since I’ve done Crazy Dog.  I really feel good; could it be that the new food in my bowl has given me this renewed sense of vim and vigor?