I have spent the past month paying more attention to my dogs’ diet then I have in a very long time, therefore paying attention to my dogs! I have played games with them during feeding time, brushed them more, ran with them to see if they were building muscle, and thought more about how their nutrition affects their overall health. “Feeding the dogs” was not another chore on the endless list but a game of “what will happen today”. If my Pets’ Could Talk, they would recommend Eukanuba as a brand and specifically the Eukanuba Pure formula.
Now that I’ve completed the Eukanuba 28-Day Challenge, I’m giving my readers an opportunity to try any formula of Eukanuba food for free!
I am giving away one voucher for one FREE bag of any Eukanuba Dog Food up to 40lbs to one of my readers that are interested in trying the food.
There are three ways you can qualify:
1) Add a comment to this blog post that tells me why you want to take the Eukanuba 28 Day Challenge and why you should win the voucher
2) Tweet about this blog post and leave the URL to that Tweet in a comment on this post
3) You can blog about this blog post and leave the URL to your post in a comment on this post
You can qualify by one or all three of these methods. I will choose from all comments received and will announce the winner next week!
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