iPad and iPhone Apps for Cats

We can’t leave the cats out when it comes to technology.  If you have a bored kitty and an iPad or iPhone lying around the house, then you might enjoy trying the following apps to entertain both you and your feline.  My cat Bingley, who is a regular visitor to the Morris Animal Inn, enjoyed the following apps:
·         Paint for Cats by Nate Murray
Download from iTunes for $1.99
A colorful mouse darts across the screen and when your cat taps the screen or mouse, the mouse will squeak and color is added to the background creating a beautiful painting by your cat.  There are many different palettes of color to choose from, including “Litter Box” – different shades of gray, “Cool Cat” – cool tones of blues and “Hot Paws” – red and orange hues,  to name a few.  When your cat is done playing and painting, you can print out the work of art and brag to your friends that he’s the new “PiCATso”!
·         Cat Fishing by Nestle Purina Petcare Co.
Download from iTunes for FREE
This is a nice, quiet, serene app for your cat.  A goldfish gently swims across your screen and when your cat taps the fish or the screen it produces bubbles, which just mesmerized my cat.  As your cat taps more and more fish, the speed that the fish will swim increases, which makes it really enticing for your furry friend. The app actually keeps count of how many fish your cat catches. My cat loved this app and actually began purring and staring at the fish in wonder.
·         Cat Piano Jr for iPad by George Talusan
Download from iTunes for FREE
Now I don’t know who enjoyed this more, me or the cat!  This is a fun musical app that offers three different variations of meowing options. You can choose from “Angelic Meow” – sweet meows, “Furball” – high pitched and aggravated meows, or “House Cat” – quizzical and typical meows.   Watch your cat stop in his tracks to locate a potential feline house guest as you strike the piano keys.  My cat got a bit feisty with this app and was trying to bite the corner of the iPad and ended up in a big time play session with some of his string toys that were lying around. Let’s just say the app was a hit and stirred up a playful mood in my cat.


We are pleased to have Jeanne, as a contributing writer for If They Could Talk. Jeanne is a member of our Guest Services team and is a passionate cat owner. We look forward to sharing her contribution on interesting and educational pet topics.