“Inn” the News: Morris Animal Inn Media

Have you seen Morris Animal Inn in the news lately? Our pets have been the stars of some exciting broadcasts and articles, from Fox and ABC News to the New York Times. Catch up on some of our most recent coverage:

ABC World News with Diane Sawyer told viewers about our Canine Fit Camps in honor of National Pet Obesity Awareness Day. After announcing the staggering statistics that 52% of dogs and 58% of cats are overweight, according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, they followed Lolita, a Dachshund, on her quest to drop some pounds. Lolita, affectionately known as “Lola” by her owner, swims laps in our indoor pool, climbs stairs on outdoor play equipment and trots on the treadmill.

Fox 5 NY followed Bosun, a Golden Retriever, and Chase, a Black Lab, as they get in shape through intense games of catch, stair runs, and group play swims. They advised pet owners to help their pets along the weight loss path by limiting treats and feeding them healthy snacks, like our Yogurt Parfaits here at Morris Animal Inn.

Roll over? Fat Chance! The New York Times saw Lolita trot away on the treadmill, watched Black Lab Ruby launch over hurdles in our play yard, and followed Rhodesian Ridgeback Ashley up and down stairs to earn her healthy treat. They showed how our participants get a skip back in their step after getting in shape through our Canine Fitness Programs.