How to Spoil Your Pet – the Best Way

Is your pet “spoiled rotten?” The expression has undoubtedly become much more common among pet owners today, as we indulge our furry companions by treating them like part of the family with birthday parties, presents and treats galore.
Morris Animal Inn is proud to say we pamper your pets with our amenities, fitness programs and loving attention. Nat Geo Wild’s new show “Spoiled Rotten Pets” spotlights pets whose owners are proud to go above and beyond to give their pets the very best. The show is hosted by Beth Ostrosky Stern, an American television personality, actress and wife of radio personality Howard Stern. 
On Saturday, May 4th at 9 pm, “Spoiled Rotten Pets” will feature Morris Animal Inn as Stern tours our picturesque facility and follows one of our pampered guests on a customized fitness regimen. Read more about the upcoming broadcast here!

The best way to indulge your pet is to include many activities that responsible pet owners do regularly: buying premium foods, making regular vet and grooming appointments and giving your pet frequent exercise and training with a good, consistent program. But is it possible to spoil our pets too much? An article by Helium pet blogger Janet Farricelli acknowledges the fact that some behaviors, though rewarding, can at times be unhealthy for your dog. Keep an eye out for the following to make sure that your dog stays healthy, fit and happy:

  • Begging followed by a reward – Rewarding barking, crying or pawing at you during dinner with table scraps can be bad for your dog because it enforces incorrect behavior, but more importantly  because a lot of human food also contains ingredients that can be unhealthy or even deadly for animals. Human indulgences like fatty foods or chocolate can lead to obesity, toxicity, pancreatitis or other dangerous reactions in your dog.
  • Praising at the wrong moment – When training your dog, you often want to praise them every step of the way. Limiting your praise to when they are actually performing the requested behavior, like a sit or stay, will enforce the behavior better than cheering them on after the fact. This way, in your dog’s mind, the good behavior is what makes you happy.
  • Pampering that leads to laziness – If your dog does not receive proper exercise, nutrition or mental stimulation, it could lead an unhealthy environment for both yourself and your dog. Consider your dog’s breed and specific needs in your day-to-day pet activities.
This is not to say that you cannot go above and beyond for your furry friend; their health and behavior won’t change if you buy them that expensive collar or throw them a birthday party. By remembering your dog’s basic needs and making sure these needs are met, you can spoil your pet in the most positive way.
Does your dog need a bit more exercise? Call us today at 973-539-0377 to book your pet a spot in our upcoming “Week at the Races” Fit Camp, May 13-17. For an inside look at the fitness amenities we offer and the good ways we spoil our pets, be sure to tune in on Saturday, May 4th at 9 pm to watch us on Nat Geo Wild’s “Spoiled Rotten Pets!”