Safety: How to Pet Proof Your Home



October is National Animal Safety and Protection Month. Providing a safe environment for your furry friends is important. Here are some ways you can keep your treasured family members safe from potential hazards in your home.

Keep wires out of reach

Keep any cords or wires out of reach from your pet. A curious puppy or kitten may chew on an electrical cord while playing. Check around your televisions, lamps and other items for any loose cords.

Avoid toxic foods

Many snacks that you may have in your pantry can be toxic to your pet. Foods like chocolate, onions, garlic, grapes, and raisins are dangerous and should be kept out of reach of our pet.

Lock up cleaning supplies

Place items such as cleaning supplies, detergents, and medications on high shelves. Keep vitamins and other pills off of kitchen counters and bedside tables.

Be aware of harmful plants

Many indoor plants can be toxic to your pet. Learn which plants are potentially poisonous. Place dangerous ones out of reach or choose nontoxic plants.

Keep the toilet lid down

Bathrooms and toilets can be a dangerous area for your pet. If your dog or cat drinks out of the toilet, they could be ingesting harmful chemicals. Keep the toilet lid down and keep the bathroom door closed.

Check the washer and dryer

Your pet may see the dryer as a warm and cozy place to take a nap. Be sure to check before turning your washer or dryer on, and keep appliance doors closed at all times.

Invest in a pet gate

Puppies and kittens especially like to investigate everything. To keep your pet from getting into any trouble, consider a child-safety or pet gate. This will allow you to keep an eye on them, as well as keep them out of any items or areas that are not safe.

Have a pet first aid kit on hand 

A pet first-aid kit is very helpful in case anything should happen to your pet. This should include items such as phone numbers for your veterinarian and a poison-control center, a nylon leash, gauze pads, and a blanket. Check out The Humane Society’s full list of Pet first-aid kit supplies.

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