Holiday Gifts for Fido

While making your holiday gift list this year, don’t leave out your precious pets! With the love your pets provide you all year long, they deserve a new treat this holiday season. To relieve some gift giving stress, we’ve put together some helpful gift ideas for your giving pleasure!


These unique and technologically advanced pet tags come equipped with a QR code on the back of each tag which links to a profile with information such as contacts, medical information and much more. Some services included with the PetHub Pet Tag are access to a 24/7 Found Pet Hotline number and Email Notification with GPS Mapping.
Available in the Morris Animal Inn Lobby, the Thundershirt provides calming, gentle pressure to ease anxiety in pets. Between guests, parties and general holiday mayhem, the Thundershirt can provide your pet with the comfort they need.
Puzzle toys are a great way for your pet to work for their treat while also exercising both mind and body.
Why not treat your furry friends to a new chew toy, leash or collar for the winter season? Many companies tailor designs specifically for the holidays. These fancy accessories are available for purchase in the Morris Animal Inn Lobby.
5. Pet Electronics
Pet electronics are on the rise this year. Some examples of these items include electronic doggie doors and pet pedometers with up-to-the-minute updates on weight, temperature and more. Treat your four-legged family member like the king or queen they are with these luxury pet electronics.
6. Fashion for your Furry Friend
You want to look your best for the holidays, so why not deck out your pet as well. Keep your canine looking chic with unique styles for winter! A festive bow tie or a charming scarf can be an accessory to remember for holiday pictures. A cheerful hat, cute hair bows or cozy sweater are some other fun pet styles to try. For pet coats, look no further than the Morris Animal Inn Lobby.
This super-absorbent mat is perfect those pets who track their wet and dirty paws inside. It is fast-drying, comes in a variety of colors and sizes and absorbs five times more water than an ordinary doormat.
Looking for a toy for your canine companion to play with that will actually be intact this holiday season? Look no farther than Udder Tugs! Whether your dog loves to fetch or tug, this durable toy is designed with a special handgrip for hours of fun and exercise.
Have a great idea for a pet gift? Share it with us!

Disclaimer: Suggestions are based upon the product description. Morris Animal Inn is not endorsing these products.

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