Hiking With Your Dog in Morris County

When the temperature starts to fall, the air is crisp, and the leaves begin to change, it might just be time to head outdoors again. After a busy and hot summer where the indoor air conditioning may have been preferable (for both you and your dog), fall weekends are a great time to try another activity with your dog: hiking.

While you might take your dog for neighborhood walks on a regular basis, or play some fetch in the backyard, hiking will provide you both with more time together, and it will provide more exercise than a normal walk.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out All Trails, which lists different hiking trails in our area, complete with reviews. If you want to know specifically about dog-friendly trails, Bring Fido and Hike With Your Dog has you covered. While there are other trails in the surrounding area, Morristown’s Tracton Line Recreation Trail made the dog-friendly cut, and when you hike it with your dog, you can even add a picture to their site.

There are some important things to consider and remember when hiking with your dog.

  • Make sure your dog is healthy
  • Spend some time refreshing your obedience training
  • Make sure dogs are allowed on the trail
  • Bring plenty of water for both of you
  • Don’t forget to bring pet waste bags

If you’re a regular of ours, we’d love to see your pictures and hear about your hiking adventures with your dog when you drop them off for daycare or boarding. If you’re a pet parent in the area and want to know more about Morris Animal Inn’s award-winning boardinggroomingtraining, and daycare services, give us a call.