Great Holiday Gifts for Pets

The holidays are upon us… which means celebrations, get-togethers and presents for the whole family. When that family includes a pet, our four-legged friends deserve some holiday cheer, too! Wondering how best to celebrate your pet this season? We’ve scoured the internet and picked out some of our favorite toys, treats and products to give your cat or dog. Whether you want to watch your pup unwrap a new toy or hang a kitty stocking above the fireplace, there are plenty of smart, fun options for pet owners this holiday.

Dog Overalls– For the dog who loves the outdoors year round, Hurtta Pet Collection has released a line of outdoor dog overalls. This waterproof and breathable outfit is specifically designed for long-haired dogs to protect their coat and skin from all types of weather (and to prevent the need for extra baths after playtime outside)!
DART DUO – The Frolicat™ DART DUO™ is an automatic rotating laser toy for dogs and cats. With speed and rotation variations, this double-laser spinning toy is perfect for frisky pets who love to pounce. You can even set a timer for 5, 10, 15 or 20 minute play sessions to keep your pet active long after you leave the room. This is a particular favorite in our Kitty Playroom at Morris Animal Inn!
PuppyTweets – Ever wonder what your dog is doing while you are away? Mattel’s Puppy Tweets can give you a look at your pet’s activities by sending you text messages throughout the day. A device attached to your pet’s collar can tell when your pet is napping, playing or barking, and will send messages to your cell phone “from your pet.” As silly as this gift may sound, it is also a great way to see how your pet behaves while they are left alone.
Soggy Doggy – Winter weather means leaving your snow boots at the door for humans, but for our pets, it’s not that easy. A dog who races inside from the rain or snow is likely to leave a lovely pawprint trail throughout the house. A gift to you AND your pet, then, is the Soggy Doggy Doormat, a dual-service towel and mat for cleaning pets’ muddy paws. Small microfiber “noodles” make up this super-absorbent cloth, which helps to make drying your dog faster and easier.
Fishbowl Cat FeederPut your smart kitty to the test with the PetSafe® Fishbowl! This feeding toy allows cats to see, smell and even touch their treats, but they must solve the puzzle to get them out. The toy wobbles and rolls, turning eating into a game for your curious cat. The Fishbowl feeder is available in our lobby for a perfect last-minute holiday gift, along with plenty of other toys and treats for dogs and cats!
This is just a start to the many ways to spoil your pets this holiday! What will YOU be purchasing for your pet?