Good Health Grooming – Why a salon visit is good for your pet

groomingFor humans, grooming is a daily process. We scrub our hands, wash our faces and take frequent showers to keep ourselves clean. Although many pets, especially cats, are known for their ability to clean themselves, professional grooming for dogs and cats is essential to helping them stay squeaky clean. Grooming is about much more than just making your pet look pretty; it can also help prevent unpleasant issues from arising with their hygiene and health.
This is especially true with long-haired pets. While a dog or cat with long, luxurious fur can be beautiful, it also requires a lot of maintenance. In the December/January 2014 issue of Animal Wellness Magazine, an article on grooming by professional groomer Toni Brightman explained the pain and potential illness associated with pets whose hair gets tangled and matted.
“If you’re a woman, imagine hot rollers wound too tightly to your head,” Brightman wrote, explaining how a matted fur coat feels to your pet. The twists and tangles in their fur are much more than unpleasant to the eye; they could actually be hampering circulation, causing skin sores and infections or hiding other ailments.
Does this mean that if you have a short-haired dog or cat, you are free to let them groom themselves? Actually, there are many additional benefits to a professional groom that will help pets of all sizes and coat types:
Hygiene – keeping an animal’s back-end clean and mat-free is important to allow them to eliminate properly.
Eyes – tearing of the eyes can lead to residue build up on your pet’s face, which can pull at their
fur and become gummy and difficult to clean. Regular grooming can prevent this buildup.
Nails – Nail care is essential for any pet, even cats who may have a scratching post or other means of filing their claws. If nails grow too long, they can actually curl and begin to grow into the pads of your pet’s feet. This is extremely painful and can cause strain on joins.
Feet – Mats of fur can grow hard and become tangled and between your pet’s pads. Imagine pebbles stuck between your toes! A groomer will keep this hair short and clean.
Ears – Ear cleaning in many breeds also requires trimming the hair that can grow inside the ear canal. A regular groom will include maintenance of this fur to prevent overgrowth and infections.

Long hair or short, cat or dog, a clean and well-groomed coat will help you pet stay healthy and happy. At Morris Animal Inn, a day at our Grooming Salon and Spa means relaxation and attention from our experienced staff. Your pet will come home looking and feeling their best! Watch the video below for a taste of what your dog or cat can expect from a grooming appointment at Morris Animal Inn: