The Perfect Names for Your Pet

Bringing home a pet is an exciting time for the whole family. After making the decision to add a new furry family member, your next big decision is choosing possible names for your pet. Picking a name that fits your pet can be very difficult, because there are so many possibilities. Here are some unique names for your pet to inspire your search:

Quirky Names For Pets:

Based on a list by Pet Insurance, some of the wackiest names of 2015 include:

Baron Von Furry Pants
Artoo Dogtoo
Abigail Carmichael Spartacus
Smiley Cyrus
Nutmeg Spice O’Paris

Historical Names:

“Fidelity” is a great name that refers to one of Theodore Roosevelt’s horses. It also relates to loyalty and faithfulness.

“Cleopatra” is the name of a famous Egyptian Pharaoh, and means “glory of the father.” This is a great name for a a regal and beloved female pet.

Names with Hidden Meanings:

“Kendi” means “loved one.”

“Sonny” translates to “our son.”

Classic Names:

“Dixie” is defined as “from the south of the United States.” This is a great name for a four-legged southern belle!

“Fido” is a classic name that means “faithful” or “loyal.” Abraham Lincoln had a retriever mix named Fido, so your dog would be in good company with this name!

Names Pet Duos:

“Bonnie and Clyde” were the names of a criminal duo and could be a perfect description of two trouble making dogs.

“Romeo and Juliet” were characters in a Shakespearean love tragedy and could be the perfect name for a male and female pair of pets.

Names Based on Personality:

Consider waiting until your dog or cat gets settled in their new home, and let them name themselves! Once you get to know your new best friend, you can choose their name based on their personality traits.

“Barkley” is perfect for a dog that loves to bark.

“Happy” is a distinct name for a pup that is always in a good mood!


Although naming your new dog or cat can feel like an overwhelming task, try and have fun with the process. Whether you settle on a classic name or a quirky one, your pet has found their forever home, and that is really all that matters!

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