FROM THE YARD TO THE BOWL: Eukanuba Observations (Week 4)


Jersey and Clover gobbling up their Eukanuba Pure.
So for three weeks now my dogs (and occasionally the cat) have been happily feasting on Pure. Their coats look great, their breath is not as nice as “puppy breath” but is as good as good breath can be, and their bathroom habits are normal.
In an effort to be “green”, I have packed away my kids’ summer clothes in the empty thick plastic food bag. Love the bag & the Ziploc closure but I’m not sure someone in 1000 years will find it as enthralling as I do. As well as I washed, rinsed and dried the bag, I’m sure next summer my dogs will find my children just luscious and will be licking them head to toe!
Bug the cat sneaking food.
My only complaint so far is how uppity my hound has become now that she has wrapped her little lips around these kibbles. My routine has been to let the dogs outside while their food is being prepped. In the past they have occupied themselves by chasing the bushy tailed squirrels that taunt them by running on top of their fence, barking at the white-tailed deer in the tree line and of course trying to one-up each other in doing all of this. Once their hunting was over then would saunter back to the door and peek in expectantly. Their routing has now become running the perimeter of the fence, squatting quickly then racing back to the door. Where Jersey once was a patient well-trained dog, she has now become a foaming mess insistently banging on the door. As to dissuade this behavior I have completely ignored her repeated banging, figuring that if there was no reward then this behavior would stop as quickly as it began. Jersey has called my bluff and has now taken to jumping like a circus dog straight up in the air or doing a full stretch, front legs extended into the air and scratching with her little, dirt caked nails against the screen. Our screen now has holes larger than the manufacturer intended – courtesy of Eukanuba Pure.

Her highbrow façade continued last night when we held a small dinner party and Jersey helped herself to an entire cheese display. She was caught red handed with the large triangle of imported Brie in her mouth that she quietly snatched off the table. She obviously has realized that she was destined for the good life. She is now a pup eating Pure twice a day with an occasional side of imported cheese. Are dogs really supposed to be this happy?

Click this link to watch as Jersey and Clover race inside to their bowls for a breakfast that is devoured faster than it takes to pour the food. (Note Bug the cat taking advantage of a dog’s uncivilized outdoor elimination habits to enjoy some Pure for himself).