Fluffy in Toyland

Years ago, cats were kept in the house or the barn for one reason and one reason only: to catch and destroy the mice that would inevitably find their way into the nooks and crannies of our humble and not so humble dwellings. Though these squeaky critters are still around (generally in the winter months) their prevalence in our homes have thankfully been reduced. Without a fulltime job catching mice, today’s feline has become an expert at the finer things in life, adopting the lofty role of supreme lounger and dainty self-groomer. Cats former mice-catching days become visible now and then when they pounce on random moving objects such as your fingers or toes. Meet your cat’s need for stimulation and play with an array of kitty toys. Since our frisky cats deserve the best, we’ve outlined a few toys that are proven feline crowd pleasers.
A staple for teaser sessions at Morris Animal Inn, feathers, particularly peacock feathers, with their beautiful iridescent green and blue colors are a wonderful and inexpensive option to keep your cat playing for hours on end. Dangle the feather in front of your cat, slide it back and forth on the floor, or dart it around, whatever suits your little cat on the prowl.
All it takes is a bright red dot of light. Shine the light across the floor and up the walls. Sit back on the couch, catch your favorite sitcoms and move your hand around to provide your cat with tons of fun while you relax. For something even less hands-on, try the innovative and distinctly modern Dart Interactive Pet Toy from Frontgate. With settings that allow you to program the laser toy for 15 minute plays sessions, you can get your chores done while Fluffy remains entertained all by him or herself. Cats enjoy this toy at Morris Animal Inn in our Kitty Playroom. We turn it on and watch as they stealthily pounce and bounce around, attempting to one up the mysterious laser device.
This toy features a colorful, fluffy mouse that dangles from a long bouncy string. The toy simply gets attached to the top of a door like an over-the-door full length mirror. This allows your cat to dance around and bat at the unfortunate mouse whenever the predatory yet playful mood strikes. This toy is available in our pet boutique. Ask our Guest Services Team for more information.
Crinkle Balls
Small, lightweight balls made of Mylar are a wonderful and effortless solution for hours of fun. Cats do not discriminate and can be just as entertained with a small rolled-up piece of paper or foil to bat to and fro. Just make sure to monitor your kitty and ensure Fluffy does not try to nibble or eat these small toys.
Butterfly in a Glass Jar
Pick from a selection of beautiful butterflies. From a Monarch to a yellow Swallowtail, these fake butterflies look realistic and fascinating. By tapping the walls of the glass jar, you can make the butterfly flutter around as though it were real. Cats are extremely amused by the frenetic motion of the fake flying insect and like to bat at the jar with their little paws. This is one of our favorite toys that we allow our feline guests to play with while lodging with us at Morris Animal Inn. Watch the video below to see our kitten guests enjoying the pleasures of the Butterfly in a Glass Jar which can be ordered from Amazon.com.
Divulge and tell us your cat’s favorite toys; whether simple or convoluted, we want to hear about it!