Fitness For Fluffy, Too!

Resting up for the hunt.
When we think of cats, many of us think of lounging and snoozing, not fitness. But despite this reputation, cats both desire and require regular physical activity.
It is estimated that between 25 and 40 percent of cats seen by U.S. vets are overweight or obese, hindering their quality of life and overall health. For example, an overweight cat might not be able to jump to his or her favorite spots or play as much as they’d like. Obesity in cats is also associated with a variety of medical problems, including arthritis, ligament damage, high blood pressure, diabetes, breathing and liver problems, and urinary tract disease. Reducing food intake is part of combating obesity, but adding daily exercise to your cat’s regimen is equally helpful.
As predators, cats instinctively do a lot of sleeping interspersed with frequent bursts of activity. (Think sprinters rather than marathon runners.) In the winter months, it’s hard for both indoor and outdoor cats to get sufficient exercise, but you certainly shouldn’t run out and buy them a treadmill! Morris Animal Inn offers lots of great ways to give cats the exercise and interaction they need, no matter how long their stay with us. Here are just a few examples.
Bingley explores our Kitty Play Room.
  1. Our kitty playroom has a cat tree in addition to a variety of climbing, perching and scratching posts. These items encourage our feline guests to jump, reach, stretch and file down those sharp claws!
  2. Our staff have become masters at the kitty teaser session, which involves any number of engaging toys such as feather wands, laser teasers and “fishing poles”.
  3. Pampered pet sessions are great for getting cats up and out of their lodging and exploring. Cats have the opportunity to interact with our staff, look at our fish tank, get a view of our lobby or just stretch or scratch.
  4. The option of lodging your cats together (if they get along at home) is an automatic way to ensure activity. Just the presence of another cat causes greater awareness, incites play and makes for a more social lodging experience.
  5. Cat videos, included in some of our luxury cat suites, provide both physical and mental stimulation.
Google enjoying the Fish Tank view.
In addition to helping cats stay fit and healthy, exercise provides mental stimulation that prevents possible destruction of your belongings and makes for more fulfilled felines. To put it simply, a well-exercised cat is a happy cat.