Everybody in the Pool!

We all know swimming is a wonderful way for people to get fit and stay active and healthy. It turns out the same perks of splashing in water apply to our furry companions. Even if your dog is not a water loving breed   s/he can reap the advantages of getting in the pool to swim!

Swimming is an excellent source of canine exercise that adds some spice to your pet’s fitness routine. It is particularly beneficial to older dogs that suffer from joint problems or hip dysplasia. Consider this the low-impact version of a canine workout. The buoyancy of the water can  also alleviate stiffness and soothe weak muscles or joints. Despite the gentle nature of an aqua workout, propelling themselves through the water provides an excellent cardio routine for dogs.

Other dogs are better suited for an aqua massage, especially if they suffer from hip dysplasia or arthritis. Soothing warm water and strategically placed jets work in harmony to relax muscles, ease tension, and increase flexibility.

Fortunately for your dog, the neighborhood doggie swimming hole and aqua massage tub is close by–at Morris Animal Inn! Whether your dog prefers to swim laps solo or practice their retrieving skills with pals and our great selection of pool toys, s/he is sure to have an action packed session at the Morris Animal Inn Aqua Center. To ensure your dog’s safety, our vigilant staff members monitor all dogs in the pool area and use canine life vests for those who are new to the pool. If your dog wants a new workout or a spa-like day of relaxation, let them opportunity to make some waves in our state of the art aqua center. No matter which activity you choose for your dog or what time of year, they will return to you blow-dried, invigorated and ready for more!

Has your dog enjoyed the benefits of our pool or aqua massage services?

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