We know that you’d love to spend every moment of the day with your pet. Unfortunately, the ever-present reality of your job seems to interfere with that wonderful dream. Where your pet will stay when you are not home is a problem faced by most pet owners at some point in time. There is a solution which benefits both your schedule and your pet’s well-being — DOGGIE DAYCARE! Whether you feel your dog needs extra playtime, exercise, attention or simply some fun, Morris Animal Inn is the place for your pet!

What makes Morris Animal Inn daycare unique is our variety of options for each dog:  1) Private Daycare – for the dog who prefers people, 2) Group Daycare – for the social, dog-friendly canine, 3) Manners – for basic lessons in obedience and 4) Poolside Group Daycare – for the water-loving pup, which is available everyday all year round. All of our daycare guests receive premium care, activities throughout the day, a snack and time to relax in a luxury suite. 
We believe that interaction and activity leads to a healthier and happier pet. The various activities offered at Morris Animal Inn are customized to fit each pet’s individual needs. Each dog’s temperament is unique, therefore each dog’s daycare experience must be unique as well and we aim to place them in activities and groups (if group daycare is selected) with companions of similar spirit.

For those who choose private daycare, our Pampered Pet Sessions give special attention to your furry friend. It can include a game of catch, quiet cuddle & or a brisk walk on our nature trail. 

Indoor and outdoor play and exercise time is available along with toys and treats. Pups who are super swimmers or even just doggie paddlers will enjoy our poolside group daycare. Would you like to have a more polite pooch? Morris Animal Inn’s professionally trained staff will teach and reinforce basic manners to your best friend during Manners Daycare. We make learning fun!

Group play can be a wonderful way to socialize your dog through supervised playtime. The average dog to counselor ratio at Morris Animal Inn is 5 to 1 and dogs are placed by size, similar play style and temperament to ensure a fun and safe environment.

Use this service once a month when your house cleaning service is scheduled, once a week when you know you’ll be working long hours or every day to keep your Best Friend active and content. Simplify your busy schedule by letting us occupy your dog! We invite you to call (973-539-0377) or come in for a tour of our facility with one of our experienced Client Care Specialists. They will provide you with comprehensive information and assist you in selecting appropriate activities for your furry friend.