My Dog is a Loner… Help!


Sometimes, people are loners, and that’s ok. We don’t expect that we all have to always socialize and get along with everyone all the time. We shouldn’t expect it of our dogs, either. Even a dog can be a loner!

You might have noticed that your dog doesn’t always seem to get along with other dogs, and you aren’t sure why. There could be a variety of reasons that your dog is a loner:

  • The other dog’s scent (think how hard it can be to be around another human who maybe doesn’t smell so nice)
  • Your dog was attacked before by another dog
  • Your dog is protecting you from the other dog
  • Your dog doesn’t want you to pay attention to another dog
  • Your dog’s temperament (yes, just like humans, there are introverted dogs)
  • Your dog’s breed (was it bred to be protective and ward off other animals?)
  • Your dog just likes humans better.

Regardless of the reason, there is no need to try to change who your dog is. We have Adventure Playcare so your pet has one-on-one attention with staff. Your dog does not have to be dog-friendly—just human-friendly. Let us know their personality and what they like, so that instead of leaving them home when you travel, they can come visit us! Being able to have activity time while you are away can make any dog happier and healthier. Don’t worry; your dog will still be excited to see you when you return.