Dog and Cat Holiday Gift Ideas

The holidays are upon us and we all have the spirit of gift giving; that includes our precious pets as well.

Barkbox- When you subscribe to Barkbox, you are signing your pooch up to receive a monthly gift that includes 4-6 toys, treats, and other goodies. Your furry companion will love receiving gifts each month. Barkbox gifts start at just $20 a month.

Cat Dancer Wand This simple toy is sure to be a kitty pleaser! The cat dancer wand is a great way to keep your kitty busy and for you to interact with them as well! Simply wave the wand around and watch your kitty chase it.


Cat GPS tracker- PawTrack- Ever wonder where your outdoor kitty goes when they take a stroll? Now you can follow them, without disrupting their walk. The PawTrack takes positions every six minutes as your cat roams.  This information is stored on the cat tracking collar and uploaded to the server. The information can then be viewed on any internet-enabled device or computer.  This GPS tracker is able to track multiple cats and can give images on google maps including street view.  You can also set boundaries for your cat and will be alerted when your cat wanders outside of these areas.  You will receive alerts when the collar’s battery level has reached critical, so you’ll never have to worry about not being able to track.


Kitnip box- Just like the Barkbox for your pooch, you can order your kitty a monthly subscription to toys, all natural treats, and healthy cat products. In previous boxes, cats have received handmade catnip bells, caterpillar kicker, play-n-squeak mouse and Zuke’s G –Zees Tender Grain-Free Treats. Multi-cat boxes are also available, so no ones left out!


Pet Chatz- You can now stay in touch virtually with your furry companion via Pet Chatz. This allows you to call your pet while you are away and video chat with them. Your pet is able to see you, hear you, and receive a treat all through a computer, tablet, or smart phone. You can also use a special accessory that allows your pet to call you. Pet Chatz makes it seem like the time away from your pets is a little shorter.

What do you plan to give your pet this holiday season?

(Morris Animal Inn is offering these as suggestions of types of products your pets may like.  It’s always good to research specific products carefully for appropriateness for your particular pet.)