Does Your Dog Need More Exercise?

“My dog won’t stop chewing on the furniture!”
“My dog can’t sleep through the night.”
“My dog goes crazy when we let him outside.”
Any of these sound familiar? People whose pets are apparent troublemakers can become easily frustrated with these hyperactive habits. But before you go crazy trying to train your pooch, ask yourself one question: is your dog getting enough exercise? 
In a recent blog, author Julie Seguss discusses the signs that could indicate that your dog needs more regular activity. It’s not just a dog being overweight, these signs include a lot of difficult behaviors like constant barking, destructive chewing, hyperactivity, lack of focus, leash pulling and trouble sleeping. Your dog may be doing more than intentionally causing trouble; he may be trying to tell you that he needs more exercise.
Although these behaviors are common in many dogs, especially puppies, if your dog exhibits one or more of these behaviors regularly, it may be because he is trying to get out excess energy. Try giving your dog some extra exercise and see if the behavior subsides.
The next question is: what kind of exercise? The answer depends on your dog’s regular activity. In most cases, leash walking is not enough to burn off your dog’s excess energy. Off-leash activities like playing fetch in a fenced-in backyard are more likely to satisfy your dog’s need to do something active. Training can also be an energy-expending activity, but your dog probably prefers to have some playtime as well. No one likes all work and no play!
Once your dog is tuckered out, you may look for him to fall asleep as a sign of a good workout. However, the most active times for dogs are dawn and dusk, so don’t be alarmed if your pup isn’t ready for bed after an evening play session. Dogs are more inclined to nap during the afternoon; so alternatively, a pooch who seems tired at noon isn’t necessarily getting enough exercise just because he is sleepy. If you get excited to play, he is sure to follow suit!  
Adding activity to your dog’s routine may help put a stop to those pesky behaviors, and help get your dog in shape for the spring season. From April 15 – 19, Morris Animal Inn is hosting a Spring Training Fit Camp for energetic dogs or even pooches looking to lose a few pounds. The week is complete with base running, aqua warm-ups, group play batting practice, treadmill training and homemade All-Star protein bars. Call 973-539-0377 to book your dog a spot in the line-up today!