Do You Need a Puppy Break?

Warm, cuddly, adorable: these adjectives perfectly describe the joy of puppies and are often the driving force behind our motivation to bring these furry bundles of happiness into our lives. However, there may be certain days when you just can’t seem to find the time to keep up with their boundless energy or the messes they leave around your house. Or, you might decide to travel and need a safe place to leave your puppy. Fortunately, we have the perfect solution.
Did you know you can drop your pup off at Morris Animal Inn and we’ll take over where you left off? Our specially tailored Puppy Steps Program is designed to meet the needs of your growing little pal. Developed for puppies less than seven months old with their with completed vaccine series, the program strives to supply them with as much attention and activity as they require!
Playful Pups
Does your puppy seem like the Energizer Bunny, a force that never stops moving?  Puppy Steps helps to release all that boundless energy with four business walks on our nature trail to get her young body moving and establish a proper elimination routine. To acclimate your baby pooch to other humans, we also provide two Pampered Pet Sessions that allow her to interact with our staff in a variety of activities from ball time to cuddles. Knowing that puppies’ teeth are still in the process of growing, Room Service will present your pup with a wholesome Bizzy Bone treat that will keep her occupied. In addition to the activities provided by the Puppy Steps Program, if your dog is fully vaccinated, she can participate in group play or come to doggie day care. These outdoor sessions are wonderful ways to socialize your pup with other dogs of the same size and provide a perfect outlet for her go-go-go lifestyle.
Puppy Pounds
Morris Animal Inn recognizes that growing dogs are hungry dogs. Therefore, your budding canine will be provided with up to 3 meals a day on our Puppy Steps Program. Our premium blend Puppy Eukanuba dog food is specially formulated for puppies of either small or large breeds.
Pampered Pups
Everyday of the Puppy Steps Program, your puppy will experience a daily grooming session to familiarize her with the sights, sounds, and smells of the grooming salon. Pups are handled delicately by the grooming staff to help them adjust to the experience.
Reward Yourself and Your Pup
At Morris Animal Inn we understand that introducing a new puppy into your life can be both enriching and exhausting, much like bringing a new baby in your household. Everyone needs a night off, (or a couple!) so allow us to give you a hand. Your pup is guaranteed to be showered with love and attention!