If you spent the first months of this season spring cleaning with your sleeves rolled up and dust in your hair, you probably wound up with a pile of miscellaneous objects that you no longer use and would like to discard. Before you empty your house of these items consider upcycling, (the process of converting waste materials into new materials of better quality), the salvageable objects with a DIY creation for your pet! Check out these fun, pawesome ideas for projects!


There seems to be no shortage of amazing recycled beds out there for cats and dogs alike. If you are not the DIY type, Etsy has some fab options. Check these out!

Old Soda Crate Bed

Photo Source: Etsy CharlieHeartsDiesel


Techie Cat Beds
Do you have an old TV or desktop computer lying around? “Think different” like the Etsy shop, Atomic Attic and convert these old electronics into shockingly snugly cat beds!

Photo Source: Etsy Atomic Attic TV Cat Bed


Photo Source: Etsy Atomic Attic Apple Computer Pet Bed


Suitcase Bed
Remove the top of the suitcase, add some legs from an old table and stuff it with your dog’s bed or use an old pillow.

Photo Source: Etsy Spaghetteria


Charlotte Reed from Petside suggests stuffing old baby socks with cellophane and catnip. Sew it up and you have little mouse-size toys your cat will love pouncing on! Martha Stewart recommends using the fabric from old suits and pants to create Menswear Mouse Toys! Stewart also has a brilliant idea for constructing a cat playhouse made of cardboard boxes for your cat to enjoy. For a lazier approach but one your cat will appreciate just the same, simply throw the cardboard box on the floor! If the infamous Maru the cat has taught us anything, it’s that joy and happiness can be found in the simplest of objects!

Pet Pouches

Amy Bethune suggests using leftover fabric to sew small, handy pet pouches that hook onto your dog’s collar and can hold poop bags or even a key and money. For step-by-step directions, check out her blog.

Photo Source: Amy Bethune the b-line


What DIY creations have you crafted for your pet?