Cool Canine in the Summer Heat – Dog’s Hydration

dog's hydrationConsider your dog’s hydration. If you’ve spent any time watching kids play softball or baseball in the summer, you know that sports drinks for hydration are in plentiful supply, and some parents even fill up that extra fridge they keep in the garage with them, to make sure they are always on hand.

Just like kids playing sports in the hot summer weather need to stay hydrated, so does your dog.

Make sure you have enough water, both inside and outside, for your dog, and feel free to cool it down with ice cubes if you need to.  Change it often so it doesn’t get too warm and stagnant.

If your dog is drinking lots of water but is still hot, help her cool down in other ways:

  • Make sure there are shady areas
  • Use a sprinkler so he can get wet
  • Fill up a kiddie pool with water for a cool and fun time
  • Keep the air conditioning on in the house
  • Exercise/take walks at cooler times of day (watch out for hot pavement!)
  • Cut out mats and tangles, and talk to your groomer about what is best for a summer cut
  • Have frozen treats on hand
  • Invest in a cooling dog bed or other cooling novelties

And always, remember, if you’re hot, your dog’s probably hot too.

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