Cold Weather Grooming

We sometimes find clients fall behind on their grooming regimen the winter months. Many times people think grooming is not necessary because their pet may not be as active…but here are just a few reasons to keep it up:

1) Long coats require extra care. Just because your pet has a built-in sweater doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch for matting or tangles during winter months. If you let his or her coat grow out in the winter, you’re probably not in the habit of brushing it several times a week to keep it in tip-top shape. To avoid a complete shave-down in the spring, continue regular brushing and/or bring your pet to us every few weeks from November-March. Your pet (cats, too!) will be much more comfortable and less prone to sores and infections.

2) Short coats continue to shed. Colder air makes your pet’s skin drier, making short-coated pets’ fur tend to shed even more in the winter months. To avoid the furry furniture collection, you should plan to brush a short-haired animal’s coat five to six times a week. You might also consider our Shed-Less Treatments. This will also keep your pet’s coat shiny, clean and healthy, not to mention giving your pet some precious one-on-one time.

3) Skin gets itchy. As previously mentioned, cold air means dry skin, and dry skin means scratching. Excessive scratching can translate into a dull coat and unsightly lesions. To combat this, consider using a moisturizing shampoo (we use Oxy-Med Medicated Conditioner in our grooming salon), and adding a tablespoon full of flax, olive or canola oil to your dog’s meal or about a half tablespoon for a cat.

4) Baths are still needed! If you prefer to bathe your pet at home, continue to do so, but make sure NOT to let him or her go outside in the cold while wet. This will just magnify the itching, matting and shedding. Instead, make sure to blow your pet’s coat completely dry on a cool or low setting, and keep the dryer at least six inches from his or her skin to avoid burning.

5) Clothing helps protect skin and fur from the elements. Pet sweaters, coats and booties aren’t just for making a statement. They can really help protect your outdoor pet from fur-tangling wind, matting ice and frostbitten toes.

If you need help or simply don’t have the time to groom your pet as he or she requires, please give us a call and we will gladly take on the responsibility. Happy almost winter!