Cats & People Food Go Together?

The sound of a can opener opening a can of tuna can make the cats come running. The smell of the chicken resting on the kitchen counter can make cats think it’s for them, and look at you like you’re in the wrong when you chase them off. They think any food that smells good to them is fair game.

People Food for Cats

People food is often a special treat for cats, but there are foods other than the usual fish and chicken that they may like too. Cats’ tastes can be as varied as anyone’s tastes, and they can try new foods. Just remember to always check with your veterinarian about dietary changes. Every once in a while, cats will like strange food items such as Doritos or lollipops. They will try to get at them when you are eating them but those will not be vet-approved.

On the healthier side, cats may like treats such as:

  •          Green Beans
  •          Sweet Potatoes
  •          Plain low-fat yogurt
  •          Spinach
  •          Blueberries

How to Prepare People Food for Cats

If you choose to try any of these foods as a treat for your cat, and your vet approves, make sure they are cut into small enough pieces so they don’t choke, and make sure that anything cooked is baked or steamed. These foods shouldn’t replace your cat’s meals, but instead should be given sparingly. They can replace packaged treats. You will also need to make sure your cat doesn’t have any bad reactions to them, so check for digestive or behavioral changes. If the food agrees with your cat, it might help them stay healthy, boost their immune system, and maintain their weight.

At Morris Animal Inn there are some healthy treats for your cats such as mahi mahi, lobster consommé and other catch o’ the day snacks. Ask about it when you make your next reservation for your favorite feline’s lodging stay.