How Cat Ears, Cat Eyes & Cat Noses Communicate

cat earsCats are intelligent animals, but it can be difficult to understand what your cat is trying to tell you. Cats communicate with their body language; cat ears, cat eyes, and cat noses have as much to say as their meows

If your cat blinks when she’s looking at you, that means she trusts you enough to close her eyes; she knows she won’t be attacked.

Your cat is scared if her pupils are very small or very large; if her tail is tucked down or puffed up; or if her ears are flat. Leave her alone for a little while to let her calm down. Once she’s calm, her tail may be straight up, her ears attentive, or she may even let you rub her belly. If she’s being extra affectionate, she’ll mark you as her territory by kneading her paws and rubbing her head on you.

And, of course, there’s the “meow.” Cats don’t meow at each other as a form of communication. Cats meow, purr, hiss, growl, chirp, or chatter to communicate with their humans.

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