Cat Stress: Is Your Cat Freaking Out?

Adults may stress over their jobs or decisions they have to make. They can also stress over any number of other life events. But Is cat stress a thing? Napping in the perfect square of sun, chasing string, and knocking stuff off tables may not seem like a recipe for stress. But cats do stress out, and there are some signs to clue you in that cat stress might be happening in your house.

Cats may start hiding, have changes in appetite, not use their litter box, or groom themselves too much, or be aggressive.

There are many reasons cats can stress, such as:

  • Changes in their environment
  • Changes in their routine
  • Illness
  • Death of a human or animal family member

Wondering what you can do to help your cat calm down when he or she is feeling stressed out? Try having some extra play or petting time with him or her, or playing relaxing music. But if you’re worried, always check with your vet, to determine whether the root cause of the stress is psychological or physical.

Going away, and worried that your cat will stress when you’re away? Let us pamper them for you!

  • Quiet lap and brushing time
  • A game of toy chaseCat and Fish Tank
  • “Storytime”
  • Views of our beautiful fish tank
  • Other activities

Best of all, you won’t have to search the house when you return, only to find them hiding in the linen closet shedding fur all over your sheets.

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